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We Are Here To Serve You

Located in beautiful Normandy Park.  We proud to be a favorite nails spa of our kind neighbors, with soothing atmosphere and friendly staffs. Many our customers come to BK nails spa, they feel like they come to a friend house to enjoy their little free time, relax and get pretty nails. That made us so proud and pleasure to serve.

We want to say thank for all your supports, who help us bring their friends to our salon. Also, we thank for all of you who wrote great review about us at Yelp, Google Plus, Facebook…Your support help us continued working hard to ensure your experience at BK Nails Spa will remained a pleasant experience.

Our Valuable Team Members

Our Happy Clients

I have been going to see Mimi, at BK Nails, for about two years now.
I have been to many nail salons in the past but this one is hands down the best around. First and very important it’s clean and the tools used are sterilized for each client. All other tools are small,one use only. The staff and owner are always friendly.  My experience has always been positive and I leave happy with the job done.
This salon recently went through a big remodel, facelift. It’s just beautiful . I drive from Auburn to this salon in Normandy Park and it’s worth it. You may find cheaper prices for fills and pedis but not as clean and consistent as BK Nails.
The hand and foot massage are just awesome. I also see Kim  for fills if Mimi is not in, she is terrific as well. I love all of the gals doing pedis. I do wish they would go back to serving wine and wish I understood Vietnamese .did I mention that there is low turnover at this salon. That’s a good sign to me. The gals are eager to make everyone happy.

Gail M, Auburn, WA

This is the only place I go to for my mani/pedi’s. The place is clean and professional. Denise has been doing my nails for about 3 years now and I love her! It is pricier then some but I can always ensure an awesome job and no concern over cleanliness of the tools.

Amber O., Seattle,WA

Best nail salon in the area. Clean, friendly and consistent. I go about every 4 weeks and I’ve always been happy with their nail service. They do a hands down better job on Shellac than Lovely Nails up the street. The pedis in the winter months come with a paraffin wax for your feet when you get a mani pedi. Win!

Lydia J., Auburn, WA

Love this little place. They are friendly, they have the best massage chairs and do a fantastic job. My friends and I do a Friday lunch at Kayak Grill next door then hit here for Pedicures. Fun experience.

Angel H, Seattle, WA

This place is awesome. I’m a guy and I’m saying that it’s awesome. It was my first time getting a pedicure. My girlfriend dragged me along. I’ve been dragged along before to other places and this place beats them all. I didn’t want to get the pedicure, but I’m glad that I did. It was relaxing. They gave me free cheese and crackers with wine while I got my foot rubbed and cleansed. It was awesome. The cheese and crackers were the expensive kinds too. They didn’t hold back. So tasty. Yummmm… The wine was so good. I think I might go back today. The staff was really friendly. The owner was there and she treated me with an open heart. The place was really nice decorated. It’s in a not so busy area, but it’s definitely worth the trip

Zulkiffly, Seattle, WA